Trustworthy Distributed Systems

Formal methods and programming languages for trustworthy and dependable distributed systems provide abstractions for developers and architect to design and implement distributed systems with formal guarantees. Sub-projects:

  • OOP Manipulation via Co-Inductive Intersection Types
  • Reliable Software for Event-driven Architectures


Z-inspection® is a general inspection process for Ethical AI which can be applied to a variety of domains such as business, healthcare, public sector, among many others.

It uses applied ethics. To the best of our knowledge, Z-inspection® is the first process that to assess Trustworthy AI in practice. (Roberto V. Zicari et al.)

German article in Bigdata-Insider on one of the applications.

Combinatory Logic Synthesizer (CLS)

Automatic program synthesis from component libraries using semantic specifications. (with Jan Bessai, George T. Heineman, and Jakob Rehof)

Youtube video of Hydrocluster application


Programming technology foundations for Accountability, Privacy-by-design & Robustness in Context-aware Systems

Dependable Distributed Systems with Privacy Guarantees

Dependable system for manufacturing, supply chains, and healthcare with formal guarantees for privacy and security.

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