• Software Development 2019/2020
  • Software Development 2018/2019
  • Software Development 2017/2018
  • Blockchain Business Development 2019/2020

Student Theses

I am offering some open theses on various topics related to my research. If you are interested, then please feel free to contact me.

Open Master Theses

  • Secure multi-party computation in Trusted Execution Environments (e.g., SGX or PSP).
  • GDPR-compliant blockchain using two-hop register indirection (e.g., Hyperledger fabric)

Open Theses

Data Eco-Systems Projects

  • Fair information sharing platform for airports
    (with Airport CPH and SAS)
  • Secure Data Multi-party Computation Framework in Trusted
    Execution Environments
  • Data Analytical Framework for Blockchain Systems

Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering Projects

  • Stochastic Program Generation with CSL 2.0
  • Automatic Generation of Software Tests
  • Pattern-based Workload-generator for Event-based Systems
  • Automatic Generation of Continuous Integration Configurations
  • Component-based Model-checking of Production Systems (with TU Dresden and Fraunhofer IML)